Exam Board Specific Tracking for all Subject Areas


We’re on a mission to transform the way data is processed in schools 


Pupil Progress is built by teachers for teachers. We understand the stressors teachers face. We know you spend much of your ‘free’ time on admin tasks to keep on top of pupil’s progress. We understand the frustrations around the change in grading structures.


Teachers, it’s time to ditch your spreadsheet. Here’s a solution that will make your life easier and get your students the results they need. It couldn’t be simpler. 


The Pupil Progress assessment platform covers every course, specification and exam board. It also takes away the time needed to calculate what grades your pupils are currently working at, collate reports and analyse performance.

All calculations and reports are generated instantaneously, and for the first time ever, this level of functionality is available in one system. This means your entire teaching team will be able to see any pupil’s progress on demand and in real time. 

It’s time to revolutionise the way data is processed in schools. We’ll help you step away from the spreadsheet and get back to teaching. 

Free Tracking to Support with Teacher Grade Predictions

Here’s how we’ll help you take control of your data


Exam Board Specific Tracking for all Subject Areas.

Pupil Progress currently supports AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas, OCR, WJEC & CIE in the delivery of GCSE, Technical Vocational, AS-level and A Level courses. 

Each tracking system is bespoke for each specification, designed by teacher for teachers, to allow you to efficiently track, analyse and report for the course you teach.


The Pupil Progress Assessment Platform is a fluid and flexible engine that can be used to produce tracking and reporting facilities for any subject, specification and qualification combination required. If there are any additional courses you deliver, we can expand our suite to meet your needs. 

Live Tracking

The system was built in conjunction with subject specialists and exam boards and incorporates every assessed component from the exam specifications. This ensures that the working-at-grade is calculated exactly as the exam board would, allowing for the highest level of accuracy and confidence in your data. 

The tracking sheet provides live calculations. As soon as data is added to the sheet, you will instantly see the working grade.

You can also download the tracking sheet as an Excel spreadsheet. This makes presenting information in meetings or offering on-the-spot feedback simple and stress-free.


The Pupil Progress forecasting tool is the first system that allows you to see exactly what a pupil needs to do to achieve their target grade. It allows you to track their progress in real-time by highlighting strengths and weaknesses with clear areas that need more attention. Watch as your student’s grades improve across the board.

The system allows you to forecast for each individual component of each specific course, giving you the most accurate data possible.

This area is separate to the archive and live tracking facility, so does not affect the current working at grade.


Capture a snapshot of your accurate data from any specific point in time. This will allow you to either match the school’s whole school data cycle or use each archive for your own analytical records.

Review progress, track the learning journey of students and compare across classes, departments and years. Identify key points in the year for analysis of performance from your records.

Individual Reporting

    View and download individual pupil reports for a complete breakdown of the course and how well the pupil is doing in each area.

    This can be downloaded and printed as a PDF document so it can be easily shared with pupils in lesson, presented in their folder or sent home to parents and guardians at key points in the year.

    Never dread another parents’ evening. Now you have the opportunity to be focused, accurate and effective in your conversations around pupil’s progress.

Departmental Summary Reports

    Departmental summary reports provide a clear breakdown of the percentage of pupils working at each specific grade and the percentage of pupils that are making each specific level of progress.

    This report can be generated per class, group of classes or per year group, making it the ideal solution for heads of department. Pupil Progress gives you complete visibility over the progress of every single student within your school. Never again will a student slip through the gaps.

    The report can be exported as an Excel document to share, take to meetings or for times when deeper analysis is required.

Class Set-Up

    Setting up classes in the system is simple. You can us your lists via our secure drop box & we'll have them uploaded for you within 24 hours. 

    Want to do it yourself? Large numbers of pupils can be uploaded to the platform all at once via an Excel file. Simply download the Excel template from the Pupil Progress website, update and upload the file for the pupils to be added. Individual pupils can be added, removed & moved class with ease at any time.  

    You can also edit individual pupil information live on the site. Pupil Premium status, SEN need, Ethnicity and other additional information can all be edited quickly and easily as and when needed.


Our Mission

Our system will transform the way data is used in education.


We are dedicated to using our experience & expertise to support teachers with the effective use of data to improve pupil performance. It will unlock the potential of teachers and their students.  

We will reconnect teachers with their vocation, reduce their stress levels and improve their quality of life. Teachers will be happier and pupils more successful.

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I lead on Music & Drama and spent the 6 week trial period really testing the software. Any questions I had were swiftly answered, allowing me to further analyse the potential of pupil-progress. It has saved me so much time and also generated a lot of confidence in the overall accuracy!
Based on Reviews

Achieved 100 percent A-C!!

I used Pupil Progress to track P.E to great success last year, with the help of the data I managed to get a very difficult group through with 100 percent A-C!!
Based on Reviews

Best results yet!

The department like the system and it has bought us good success. The students bought into it last year and we achieved our best results yet!
Based on Reviews

Changed the classroom environment by increasing motivation and self-esteem

Pupil Progress is an extremely powerful tool. We work on the AQA specification and throughout year 11 we have been able to track and monitor very specifically all areas of assessment. This has allowed us to continually show students areas to improve in order to reach and exceed their forecast grade. The individual profiles are continually shown to students and has changed the classroom environment by increasing motivation and self-esteem.
Based on Reviews

Clear indication of their current and expected progress

Pupil Progress is a superb package which has significantly benefited staff and students. The reports that can be generated have given both parents and students a clear indication of their current and expected progress and the package is very easy to use. I can’t recommend this product enough.
Based on Reviews

Easier to analyse student performance across the entire GCSE

Although we are at the early stages of adopting Pupil Progress for GCSE PE 9-1, the system is already having a significant impact. teachers now have a rigid and shared platform to record information. Pupil progress makes it far easier to analyse student performance across the entire GCSE and apply appropriate interventions. With the uncertainty surrounding the new GCSE PE 9-1 specification and assessment procedures, purchasing Pupil Progress really is a no-brainer
Based on Reviews

Easily identify strengths and targets

Students and staff clearly understand the tracking system and are able to easily identify their strengths and targets. Pupils are able to compare their current grades and their target grades and identify all practical performance area's and scores. It is easy to use and provides huge benefit to both staff and students.
Based on Reviews

Great to track pupil’s progress

It’s been great to track pupil’s progress for Y10 and Y11 mock exams. I especially like the print out of the student sheet for parents evening and one to one chats with students.
Based on Reviews

Helped give as accurate feedback as we possibly can

Pupil Progress has helped the PE department at Hammersmith Academy to try to give as accurate feedback as we possibly can, with the new changes to the specification, to students and parents to their working grade. The online data base is time saving and easy to use. I would highly recommend this to other professionals across the country
Based on Reviews

Helps staff and students monitor where they need to improve

The pupil progress tracker is excellent for tracking the new 1-9 GCSE PE. It gives levels for all areas, including both exam papers and helps staff and students monitor where they need to improve and how many marks they need to get on the exam papers to achieve their target. A lot easier to use the tracker than try and work it out for yourself. Can be transported to excel and printed off for students.
Based on Reviews

Identify where the support is needed

Pupil Progress is an absolute game changer within the classroom. It makes the planning of lessons and especially revision much easier as both the teacher and student can identify where the support is needed.
Based on Reviews

Immense help especially in the confusion of moving from A*-C to 9-1

Thanks for all the great work you are doing with this product, it continues to be an immense help especially in the confusion of moving from A*-C to 9-1
Based on Reviews