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Clear indication of their current and expected progress
Pupil Progress is a superb package which has significantly benefited staff and students. The reports that can be generated have given both parents and students a clear indication of their current and expected progress and the package is very easy to use. I can’t recommend this product enough.
Trinity School, Newbury
15/02/2018 13:21:41
Helps staff and students monitor where they need to improve
The pupil progress tracker is excellent for tracking the new 1-9 GCSE PE. It gives levels for all areas, including both exam papers and helps staff and students monitor where they need to improve and how many marks they need to get on the exam papers to achieve their target. A lot easier to use the tracker than try and work it out for yourself. Can be transported to excel and printed off for students.
Manor Croft Academy
15/02/2018 13:12:17
Easily identify strengths and targets
Students and staff clearly understand the tracking system and are able to easily identify their strengths and targets. Pupils are able to compare their current grades and their target grades and identify all practical performance area's and scores. It is easy to use and provides huge benefit to both staff and students.
Moor End Academy, Huddersfield
15/02/2018 13:07:07
I lead on Music & Drama and spent the 6 week trial period really testing the software. Any questions I had were swiftly answered, allowing me to further analyse the potential of pupil-progress. It has saved me so much time and also generated a lot of confidence in the overall accuracy!
Wade Deacon
12/02/2018 10:42:47
Perfect way to level your students
I was extremely impressed with the Pupil Progress package and found it very easy to use. The fact that it gives you a level for every component in the Drama GCSE exam meant that I could provide my students and my parents with a very clear picture of what each student needed to do in order to achieve their predicted grade in every aspect of their course. It is truly amazing.
The Billericay School
08/02/2018 09:47:57
Pupil profiles went down a storm
The pupil profiles went down a storm at parents evening. I gave them a report for current performance and a report from data that I have played with to allow them to know what they needed to do to be successful and meet their forecast grade. The parents and students were amazed by the amount of detail it went into and, now the students can see success, there has been a real difference in motivation. 
The King's Church of England School, Kidsgrove
22/11/2017 12:49:54
The best results that we have ever had!
Proud of our GCSE students this year. Best results ever. Thanks to Pupil Progress for support in tracking and monitoring
Saint Matthias School, Wolverhampton
04/09/2017 09:24:14
Superb piece of software
An outstanding addition to any PE department. Pupil progress (or trackpe as it was called about three years ago when we started using it) saves time, creates interest in their own progress in the students, and and also shows parents where their son/daughter needs to improve to gain their target grade. Considering we have whole cohort entry into GCSE PE (approx 260 students) this makes it significantly easier to track students.
Queen's School, Hertfordshire
01/10/2016 16:25:25
What do we do before Pupil Progress
This literally saves me hours when trying to work out exactly where the pupils are working at! We were 1% out on our predictions, this on a cohort of 70 pupils. We have just received our best results ever as a result of this software!
City of London Academy, Southwark
30/09/2016 11:08:53
Saves me so many hours
Loving it. Just eagerly awaiting tracking for A-level and Btec also. This tool saves me so many hours on excel.
Royal Grammar School, High Wickham
30/09/2016 11:05:31
Best results yet!
The department like the system and it has bought us good success. The students bought into it last year and we achieved our best results yet!
The John Wallis Academy
30/09/2016 11:02:52
Very impressed!
I have been able to get the spreadsheet up and running and must admit I am very impressed, this will save our team a huge amount of time
Buxton School, Leytonstone
30/09/2016 11:00:34
Superb Piece of software
Been using it for 3/4 years now! Easy to use, students also utilise it to keep track of how they are doing (which is rare!). As we have a whole cohort entry (220+ students) doing GCSE PE this is brilliant and tracking pupil attainment in practical and theory and giving them predicted grade based on performance. If you have a tight budget and can only choose one piece of software for your department then this should be it!!!!!!!!
Queens' School
02/06/2016 16:59:29

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