Brett Griffin

pupilprogress-50.jpgMy name is Brett Griffin and I am the founder and owner of Pupil Progress. I am a former teacher of 12 years. I was the Director of Sport (Assistant Principal) for 5 years at the City of London Academy, Southwark. The Sports faculty was recognised as outstanding, not only for its academic results but also for its Sports provision and offer to the wider community as a Sports College. As one of the Assistant Principals I was able to support the school in its progression from a school that required improvement to good with outstanding features. Before leaving the teaching profession to dedicate my time fully to Pupil Progress I also completed my Masters in Educational Leadership at the Institute of Education, where I have a real passion for leadership


Whilst in post, like so many of us, I was finding it almost impossible to keep on top of workloads in a forever changing educational climate. Weekly line management meetings, parents’ evenings, whole school data point captures (a relentless 4 times a year across 5 year groups) and intervention meetings on a bi-weekly basis meant that the need to know precisely what level pupils were working at and what my team was  forecasting was rapidly becoming an impossible task to keep up with. 


Three years ago, I sat down with my brother Benn Griffin (during the Christmas holidays), fretting over the data that I needed to produce for my line manager on my return. Not only was I anxious as to how I could make sure the predictions and working-at-grades were accurate but also the volume of time this would take to calculate for my five GCSE classes.


My brother’s background is in data analysis so we set to work on designing a system, there and then, on that Christmas Day, with the objective to create a system that meant I didn’t have to spend hours calculating the pupils working-at-grade for each individual -  as frustratingly this becomes out of date the second you update a single assessment score. After a few hours of me explaining the course and what calculations were required, we had a system that did exactly what I needed it to. 


It was clear that so many teachers would benefit from the system we created that day. We shared the system with numerous local schools and within weeks there were around 40 schools using and loving its functionality. However, I couldn’t help but think about all the additional features and functionality that could be added to help teachers even more, so Pupil Progress was born! 


We developed the system with even more functionality; department data analysis, generating individual pupil reports with the school’s logo, editing class lists with ease, editing course components, professional looking reports downloadable as PDF for printing and giving to parents and many more. 


Within 3 weeks of the system going live 200 schools had registered with the software and we hit 400 hundred within 6 weeks! 40 of which were from outside of the UK. 


We knew then that this was just the beginning; we could see the need for support with tracking pupil progress stretching further than the GCSE P.E. we had been focused on.


We now have a team of people dedicated to developing and the improving the software and tracking system functionality. We now have schools highly interested in our whole school tracking suite, where we are launching tracking for all subject areas in the next 2 weeks.


It is incredibly exciting to hear so many teachers report that this system saves them hours of time. My passion is to try and support teachers in having and maintaining a home/work life balance, as there are for too many teachers finding it tough to cope with a teacher’s work load. 


Data isn’t just numbers on a page or screen - knowing precisely what a pupil has achieved and what specific skills they need to further development will change their lives for the better. I know that first hand and my aim is to support other teachers to empower their students to progress.