Class Set Up
  • Setting up classes is simple. Just send us your class lists and we'll do it for you the same day
  • Alternatively, large numbers of pupils can be uploaded to the platform via an EXCEL file. Simply download the EXCEL template from the Pupil Progress website, update and upload the file for the pupils to be added. Individual pupils can be added or removed with ease at any time. 
  • You can also edit individual pupil information live on the site. Pupil Premium status, SEN need, Ethnicity and other additional information can all be edited quickly and easily as and when needed.
Live Tracking
  • We have worked with subject specialists and the exam boards directly to design each system in order to incorporate all assessed components from the specification. 
  • This ensures that the working-at-grade is calculated exactly as the exam board would; allowing for the highest level of confidence in your data.
  • The tracking sheet provides live calculations. As soon as data is added to the sheet, you will instantly see the working grade. 
  • You can also download the tracking sheet as an EXCEL spreadsheet. This makes presenting information in meetings or offering on the spot feedback easy.
Grade Boundaries
  • All previous year & Pupil Progress estimated grade boundaries are pre-loaded
  • You can choose which exam series grade boundaries you want to use
  • Increase or decrease the boundaries by a percentage to change the level of challenge for your students
  • All grades on the tracker are instantly updated to reflect the changes in the boundaries
Personalised Assessments
  • Add your own End of Topic Tests and Practice Questions to your Live Tracker
  • You can choose if you want it to count towards the Working At Grade & when to appear on the tracker
  • Personalised Assessments are linked to a specific unit so you can get an accurate picture of where you need to focus to make most progress
  • The Personalised Assessment marks are added up and scaled to reflect the score for the unit so you can be sure they don't skew your Working At Grade predictions.
Individual Pupil Reports
  • View and download individual pupil reports where each report provides a complete breakdown of the course and how well the pupil is doing in each area.
  • This can be downloaded and printed as a PDF document so it can be easily shared with pupils in lesson, presented in their folder or sent home to parents and guardians at key points in the year.
  • Schools have reported that this feature has ensured they have had the most effective parents’ evenings with sharply focused conversations surrounding the pupil’s progress.
  • This enables you to capture the data from a specific point in time.
  • This will allow you to either match the school’s whole school data cycle or use each archive for your own analytical records.
  • The purpose here is for you to be able to the see where the pupils have come from. The purpose here is for you to be able to track the learning journey the pupils have gone on.
  • This will also support you in being able to pinpoint key points in the year for analysis of performance from your records.
  • The forecasting tool is the first system that allows you to see exactly what a pupil needs to achieve in order for them to achieve their target grade.
  • The system allows you to forecast for each individual component of each specific course; meaning that this is the most accurate forecast that can be achieved.
  • This area is separate to the archive and live tracking facility, so does not affect the current working at grade.
Departmental Summary Reports
  • Departmental summary reports provide a clear breakdown of the percentage of pupils working at each specific grade and the percentage of pupils that are making each specific level of progress.
  • This report can be generated per class, group of classes or per year group.
  • The report can be exported as an EXCEL document to share, take to meetings or for times when deeper analysis is required.
  • The dash board ensures that the system is extremely easy to use and organised in such a way that everything you need can be accessed quickly. 
  • We have worked hard to ensure that anything you need is no more than 3 clicks away.
Additional Features

User level

Teachers will have their own login details and also can be set different user levels. Course Leaders, Subject Leaders and Heads of Department will be able to control the level of access the rest of the faculty have. This means that teachers will only be able to see the classes that they have been allocated access by the Course Leader. 


The Course Leader will also be able to see a timestamp which shows the last time a teacher logged on and updated the tracking system. This feature has been designed to support teachers in the busy educational work place. The feature allows the course leader to support teachers with gentle reminders to use the tracking (if needed) to inform teacher planning.


Move pupils

Pupils can be migrated to a different class (if they have changed sets for intervention or changed to a different half of the year group), taking all of their data and profile information with them, not only to the class set-up but also embedding their data and profile to in the new class tracking location.