1. Are the trackers specific to my course?

Each tracker has been made using the assessment structure of each specification. It will have the same components as your students will be assessed in.


The weightings of each unit are calculated instantaneously using Scaling Factors for you to make sure the overall scaled mark is exactly the same as is done by the exam board.


2. Does the system track all the components for each course

The system was built so that you can track the pupils as per the exact requirements of the course being delivered. This covers absolutely every component of the course, as per the specification detail. There are even some systems that break down the exam unit into the differing sections, allowing deeper analysis of exam performance


3. Are the courses the most up-to date courses? 

We have been busily working away to make sure all the trackers have been updated for the new 9-1 GCSE, BTEC and Vocational courses for assessment in 2018. See FAQ 12 to see which courses we currently cover. 


4. What is Live tracking?

Live Tracking is where you enter data for any current assessments. It will always save the data and load it next time you open the tracker. It can be overwritten at any point, so if a student does a retake you can overwrite your previous score or keep the best mark. The live tracker will instantaneously give you the estimated grade for a unit and an overall grade for the course. See the Support Video on Viewing and Editing your Tracker for a more detailed explanation.


5. Can I download the tracking sheet

Yes, this can be downloaded as an excel spread sheet, this as well as any report that is produced in the reporting section


6. Can I save historic data?

Following early feedback from our teachers we have built an Archiving feature that allows you to save a Live Tracker. You can load past Archives and still edit it. You can save it under any name. Our teachers find it really useful for saving data for each Assessment Point/ Data Point in the year. See the Support Video on Departmental Reports for a more detailed explanation.


7. What can I do at the start of the year with very few assessments?

Our Forecasting feature allows you to take a live tracker and put all its data in to Forecast mode. You can then add in your professional opinion of marks they will achieve in units they have not sat yet. The Forecast tracker has all the same features of the Live tracker, but helps you to separate your estimations from the data taken from assessments actually completed by your students. See the Support Video on Forecasting for a more detailed explanation.

8. How does the Target Grid work?

The Target Grid tells you and your students how many extra marks they need achieve that grade. It is based on the grade boundary for the course minus the marks so far achieved for the course. Students can use this to set themselves targets for where they will try and boost their marks to move up a grade.

9. Can I share the tracker data with my students?

You can use the report button on the tracker to print out individualised reports for your students. It will show them the marks and grades for each unit and the Exam Predictor. You can then share these with your students in lessons and parents evening to guide supportive conversations. See the Support Video on Individual Reports and Multiple Reports for a more detailed explanation.

10. Can I get a report on how a group is performing?

Our reporting section allows you to get summaries for individual classes and exam year groups. The summary shows of the number and percentage of students achieving each grade. It also shows the cumulative number and percentage so you can see how many are performing at a certain grade and above. This data all comes from the Working At Grades that the tracker instantaneously works out in the same way as the exam boards do.  See the Support Video on Departmental Reports for a more detailed explanation.

11. Can I track GCSE for one specification and AS or A2 for a different Specification 

Yes. This system was designed knowing that most departments deliver courses from varying exam boards. This means that all your tracking is under one roof.

12. Which courses are available?

For the new 9-1 GCSE we have assessment platforms for AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC and Eduqas; Art, Computer Science, Drama, Dance, D&T, Engineering, Film, Food Preparation & Nutrition,  Media Studies, MusicCurrently we have all KS4 &5 & Cambridge international courses for PE.


13. Will you be releasing other subjects?

By November 28th we should be in a position to release the following: French, German, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Urdu, Chinese, Panjabi, Japanese, Bengali, Modern Hebrew, Greek & Russian. All other subjects should be going live by February 2018.


14. When will BTEC be available? 

We are currently developing the trackers for all L2 BTEC courses, with PE and Health and Social Care at the top of the priority list. The L2 BTEC trackers should be available from the end of October 2017, with the L3 BTEC trackers to follow shortly by December 2017.


The BTEC trackers will all be for types of qualification (certificate, diploma etc.). They are all being built so you can award a student a L1 if they do not reach L2 Pass. You can also print off reports to give an overview of where the student is currently at with each unit and what assignments need to be completed to move up a level. Using the Forecast you will also be able to show you students what will happen if they get a certain grade in another unit.


15. Do you have trackers for CIE courses?

We are building the trackers for all Cambridge International iGCSEs. These should be available from December 2017, although PE and English will be available by the start of November.


16. What figure do you use for your grade boundaries?

For English we use the 2017 9-1 Grade Boundaries. For all other subjects we base our 9-1 grade boundaries on the average of the last 3 years raw marks from the most similar legacy specification. We have then used a similar approach to how the exam boards will set their boundaries in 2018. We will be sharing videos and more detailed information on this in November as well as the actual values for our grade boundaries.


17. Does the PE system enable you to track the pupils as a leader or official?

Yes, this was one of the earliest features that we added as result of quick feedback. The system allows you to select the differing role as and the sport that that they are being assessed in. This is then included in the summary as part of one of their selected sports.


18. Is KS3 tracking available?

PE KS3 is available. We have several schools testing the system and giving us feedback to improve the functionality and also the assessment procedure its self. 


We are looking to release a KS3 tracking tool for each subject from early 2018. If you are interested in a KS3 tracker for your course, please do email us at info@pupil-progress.co.uk and we may be able to help.