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Making the Difference that Makes the Difference
How much time do you spend drilling down to find the real, tangible things that you need to work on that will have the biggest impact, for instance, on your own wellbeing? Sure we might know a ‘top-line’ answer like: “I need to exercise more” or “I need to leave work on time” – but who really drills down to work out how they can make that happen?
Surviving the Reform Part 1
In my last post, I reflected on how important data tracking is to student progress and how challenging the last year had been without grade boundaries to lean on in order to track progress accurately. For my next few posts, I’ll be delving deeper into my personal experience of the GCSE English reform, how we survived the year, and what I would do differently this year. I’m not ashamed to say that when faced with a new challenge I like to do my research thoroughly and plan...
Interviews with Teachers: Jen English
Jen English has been teaching for six years, and has been a Head of Department for the last two years. During her teaching career, she has also been a PGCE and NQT mentor and led whole school CPD on various Teaching and Learning Strategies. Now, Jen co-runs #GeogChat on Twitter and is a keen sharer of resources both through Twitter and her blog. Recently, she presented at the Geographical Association Conference on 'Increasing challenge at Key Stage 3' and in the evening at the...
Surviving the Reform Part 2: Confidence is Key
In this second installment, Lauren shares her experience running an English Department that is going through the ups and downs of a new curriculum, while also preparing to become a new-mum-to-be. Lauren shares with us how being an introvert doesn't have to conflict with showing confidence; here she tells us of how she worked with the team around her to lead them to success in a uncertain year.
GCSE Grade Boundaries 2017/18
As you can imagine, pupil progress has received a lot of questions relating to grade boundaries for the new 9-1 GCSEs, including how we are providing grade boundaries. For English and Maths, the wait is over, as there are actual grade boundaries from this year’s exams to refer to. For other subjects, there is no way of predicting accurately where the grade boundaries will sit. At this stage, we can only make an informed guess based on the information that Ofqual and Dfe have published....
Predicting the Impossible
The change to 9-1 exams left many teachers feeling perplexed as exam boards and Ofqual said it wasn't possible to predict grade boundaries. In the absences of any guidance, we set out to provide a set of grades boundaries to take away some of the anxiety teachers were experiencing. The results are in and we’re now able to compare our predictions with last week’s GCSE results. How close were our estimations? Did teachers even need grade boundaries to achieve high results?
Interviews with Teachers: Rebecca Kenny
Rebecca Kenny has been teaching for thirteen years and working with children for sixteen. She has a passion for creative education and instilling a sense of purpose and motivation in all of her students. She is now developing her own company offering creative, motivational holiday clubs to students across South Liverpool, where she hopes to develop critical and creative minds for many more years. We spoke to Rebecca for our ‘Interviews with Teachers’ series about the current issues...