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From Stress To Freedom
How are you? Are your family and loved ones well? How’s work, your relationships and your life? When asked how they’re doing, it’s not uncommon for people to say they are stressed about something. You may offer them a solution, a technique to help manage their stress, but this can feel like yet another thing for them to do, making them feel even more ‘stressed out. Fortunately, there is another way to manage stress. 
How To Build Great Relationships with Your Students
Jo Dowden is a Geography teacher based in Oxfordshire, qualified in coaching and mentoring practice. I am passionate about building young people’s self esteem and helping young people feel centred and equipped to take steps in the direction they need to go.
Teachers, Just Say No
Teachers face huge pressures  from all sides with a huge amount of requests that can be difficult to prioritise. David Jessop shares his experience of coaching thousands of staff and pupil in the education sector, and how you can use the power of saying "no" to help you focus on what will really have an impact. Find out how to change a perceived negative in to a positive & help you to time to focus on what is really important.
Brilliant Initiatives to Support Wellbeing
The teaching profession is suffering a recruitment and retention crisis. As a result, teachers are taking matters into their own hands, sparking a wellbeing revolution. It’s not about small tweaks, it’s about transforming school cultures and providing teachers with the support they need. Here are some brilliant initiatives revolutionising wellbeing, created by teachers for teachers.
How to be a super teacher without working superhuman hours
There’s a wellness crisis happening in UK schools. Teachers regularly sacrifice their down time: evenings get consumed with lesson prep, breaks are a chance to frantically catch up with admin tasks, and weekends become overrun with piles and piles of marking. But there is another way. Here are our top tips for striking a work/life balance.
Don’t Read This Blog
When someone says 'don't do X', ever noticed how much more you want to do it? When we think more about what we don’t want, we often see ourselves doing more of it and, like an obedient SAT Nav, our brain takes it as a message that we DO want to do it. Apply this logic to behaviour management in the classroom and you can begin to see why some teachers struggle.
How to Manage a Stress Free Day in the Classroom
Teaching can be stressful, that’s a fact that can’t be ignored no matter how much you love the profession. For teachers to keep their heads above water and retain the love they had when they started, it’s important to keep stress levels to a minimum. To help, here’s Matthew Parker's top tips to manage a stress free day in the classroom.  
Interviews with Teachers: Vikki Parker
Former Drama Teacher Vikki Parker is the Creative Director at Arts Unwritten, a new social enterprise that seeks to develop new writing for theatre, exploring taboo themes of mental health. After 16 years in teaching, Vikki is now an actor, director, writer, poet, and visual artist, with a mission to provide a creative platform for stories that heal. Through studying Integrative Arts Psychotherapy at the IATE, Vikki has extensively explored the therapeutic power of the Arts, and the aim of...
Interview with TeachWellfest founder Georgia Holleran
We’ve been talking to groups and individuals at the forefront of the teacher wellbeing revolution. Among them is Georgia Holleran, founder of TeachWellFest, a festival pioneering the importance of wellbeing for teachers. Here, Georgia tells us why its message is so important, and how you can implement a successful wellbeing strategy in your school.