Why We’re Giving Away a 12 Month FREE Subscription Worth £250

We’re excited to offer the opportunity for you to be one of five teachers to use our brand new bespoke tracking system for your subject area, for a whole school year, completely FREE of charge.  Find out how you and your team can take advantage of this opportunity in this article.

You’re probably here because you’re intrigued, which is great news. Welcome to Pupil Progress!

We’re excited to offer the chance for you to be one of five teachers to use our bespoke tracking system for your subject area, for a whole school year, completely FREE of charge.

The system is usually £250 for 12 months, so we’re hoping you agree that’s a pretty good opportunity.

Why are we providing this opportunity?

Our platform has been bought by nearly 200 schools and is used by over 2000 teachers both nationally and internationally. We have tracking for all subject areas, qualifications and exam boards.

We’re looking for honest feedback and evaluation of the impact of the system on your pupils’ achievements, your workload, and yours and your team’s stress levels. 

We feel this is a win-win situation; you get to use Pupil Progress for free for a year and we gain a better understanding of how we can improve our service and system. 

Who is the free subscription for?

This free subscription is for subject leads, heads of faculty, or senior leaders who line-manage one or more subject areas who have not used Pupil Progress beforeYour department also need to be delivering examined subjects at either Level 2 or 3.  

Teachers within your team are able to use the system for any of these qualifications:

●  GCSE 

●  BTEC Level 2

●  BTEC Level 3

●  OCR Cambridge Nationals

●  BTEC Tech Award 

●  V-Cert

●  AS Level 

●  A-Level

Please drop us a line to enquire about other qualifications.

How do I become one of the 5 ‘trialists’ for my subject area?

All you need to do is complete three simple steps

1.  Schedule a 10-minute call ( click this link ) at a time that’s convenient for you. This is so that we can take you through the system and conditions of the trial (detailed below)

2.  Complete the onboarding process. Just send us you class lists and course details and we'll get you set up. This is complete when you are able to view the tracker specific to your subject area and chosen course

3.  Complete a questionnaire  that allows us to see your starting point before using the system (this should take you a maximum of five minutes and will be sent to you once you have set up your tracking)

What are the conditions of the one years FREE subscription?

Will I have to pay at the end?

You will only pay if you wish to continue to use the system past 12 months. There is no obligation to purchase the system whatsoever, and no hidden clauses that will force subscription to our service. 

What are my obligations?

Simply, use the software and let us know what difference it makes! Over the course of the school year, we will ask you to complete an evaluation questionnaire at the end of each term. This will take a maximum of 5-10 minutes of your time, and is the most efficient way of gathering your feedback and evaluation of the system. 

What happens to my data? 

All data is owned by you and not by Pupil Progress. All data is available via Excel download at any time. All data will also be available after the free subscription is complete. If at the end of the period you do not wish to continue to use the system and the subscription ends, we can download the data and send it to you.

How secure is my data?

We are compliant with all GDPR regulations, with a system that backs up your data to UK Servers Limited daily. Please feel free to download our summary as to how we have met the GDPR regulation standards by clicking the link here: Pupil Progress GDPR Summary 

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