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How to survive (and thrive in!) your first two years as a teacher
When facing your first couple of years as a teacher, the adjustment to managing a classroom can feel a bit overwhelming.  To show you just how much support there is out there from your peers, we asked our teaching community on social media to share helpful anecdotes from their career journeys, and things they wish they’d known in their first couple of years of teaching. 
Think Like An Examiner with our GCSE PE Resources
We’re providing free resources for teachers designed to provide you with additional support for peer, self & teacher assessments. Help your pupils gain a more thorough understanding of your exam boards assessment criteria -- because knowing what examiners are looking for is a vital part of preparing pupils for their GCSE exams. 
Why We’re Giving Away a 12 Month FREE Subscription Worth £250
We’re excited to offer the opportunity for you to be one of five teachers to use our brand new bespoke tracking system for your subject area, for a whole school year, completely FREE of charge.  Find out how you and your team can take advantage of this opportunity in this article.
Interviews with Teachers: Victoria Hewett
Victoria Hewett, also known as Mrs Humanities, is a twice-nominated UK blog award finalist, teacher and soon to be author. She has been teaching in Kent for six years and is currently subject leader for Geography. Before that, she was Head of Humanities at a free school. Victoria set up the teacher well-being scheme #Teacher5adayBuddyBox in 2016, which now has over 1,500 participants from across the UK and further afield. She also set up well as Magpied Pedgogy, a website which...
Scaling Factors
Grade calculations for some exam boards require Scaling Factors for the 9-1 GCSEs and A-levels. They impact the way the grades are calculated and if you don't take them in to account they will make your grade forecasts for students very inaccurate and end up focusing on an area that won't have as much impact. Find out what Scaling factors are, how they impact your students grades & how to use them to your advantage.
Interviews with Teachers: Jen English
Jen English has been teaching for six years, and has been a Head of Department for the last two years. During her teaching career, she has also been a PGCE and NQT mentor and led whole school CPD on various Teaching and Learning Strategies. Now, Jen co-runs #GeogChat on Twitter and is a keen sharer of resources both through Twitter and her blog. Recently, she presented at the Geographical Association Conference on 'Increasing challenge at Key Stage 3' and in the evening at the...
GCSE Grade Boundaries 2017/18
As you can imagine, pupil progress has received a lot of questions relating to grade boundaries for the new 9-1 GCSEs, including how we are providing grade boundaries. For English and Maths, the wait is over, as there are actual grade boundaries from this year’s exams to refer to. For other subjects, there is no way of predicting accurately where the grade boundaries will sit. At this stage, we can only make an informed guess based on the information that Ofqual and Dfe have published....
Predicting the Impossible
The change to 9-1 exams left many teachers feeling perplexed as exam boards and Ofqual said it wasn't possible to predict grade boundaries. In the absences of any guidance, we set out to provide a set of grades boundaries to take away some of the anxiety teachers were experiencing. The results are in and we’re now able to compare our predictions with last week’s GCSE results. How close were our estimations? Did teachers even need grade boundaries to achieve high results?