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What % should I alter my grade boundaries by?
How much should I change grade boundaries by? How much challenge is reasonable? Can I go too far? Brett discusses the rationale behind our recommendations for adjusting your grade boundaries and shares the data and information we have based our opinions on. 
DFE Pushes for a Tech Revolution in the Classroom
Don’t you know, we’re talking about a revolution. A revolution in the way schools approach data, how they use technology and it’s positive effect on teacher wellbeing. And we’re not alone. Last week, Education Secretary, Damian Hinds called on tech firms to kick-start an “educational revolution” in the classroom. Read how Pupil Progress is already tackling the issue the DfE has highlighted
Reducing workload in schools: what data is actually necessary for teachers?
Education Secretary Damian Hinds has pledged "to help school leaders cut ‘unnecessary’ workload" saying that "data drops and excessive monitoring" aren't necessary.  We believe it’s not the amount of data gathered, but how that data is collated, calculated, and analysed that needs to change.
Surviving the Reform Part 2: Confidence is Key
In this second installment, Lauren shares her experience running an English Department that is going through the ups and downs of a new curriculum, while also preparing to become a new-mum-to-be. Lauren shares with us how being an introvert doesn't have to conflict with showing confidence; here she tells us of how she worked with the team around her to lead them to success in a uncertain year.